The conversation about digital transformation has already started within many organizations. Digital transformation is discussed at a strategic level where the need often starts to become clear. When a digital transformation strategy is subsequently implemented, management teams and employees are faced with this task. They are often expected to embrace implemented innovations immediately. Unfortunately, this is not what happens in practice. Successful digital transformation falls or stands with support from the entire organization. This is something that is difficult to realize in a top-down organization with many layers.

In the six years that we have been active in the facilitation and implementation of digital transformation projects for large organizations such as ING Netherlands, various ministries and the police, we have gained a lot of insights on the successful execution of such a journey. We have now bundled these insights into our proven Jumpstart method.



A co-creation process in which the three phases Turbo Consultancy, UX Design and Agile Development ensurethe development of innovations in eight to ten weeks is made possible. In doing so, every layer of the organization is brought together in every phase in order to create a flat organization that will make optimal cooperation possible. After successful completion of the three phases, there is a clear picture of the feasibility and viability of the concept. During this phase all assumptions will have been validated and the hypotheses prepared in advance will have been answered. This allows us to guarantee a successful adoption of the innovation when the concept is scaled up and taken into production.

In this process we focus on the empowerment of employees, because we believe that they make the difference for your organization, both internally and externally.


By means of a Jumpstart you can run a pilot within 8 to 10 weeks to express the concrete value of your digital strategy. It is a fast and effective way to experiment and gain valuable insights and is therefore the perfect foundation for the start of a (large) project.


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